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Bonaire, a diver's paradise, is Unhurried, Unspoiled, Unforgettable

Crown Terrace Villa Wonderful neighborhood, a pool, a gigantic living area and plenty of places to be alone or to entertain with your friends or family.

Casa Topana A lovely old Bonairean fishermen home, just renovated and located at one of the best spots of Bonaire: the boulevard in Kralendijk. Great view at the ocean and the moored ships.

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Old Dutch Apartment A comfortable and very well equipped apartment for 2 persons . This charming apartment is situated in centre of town, so on walking distance from restaurants, bars, supermarkets etc.

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Kas Berde The stand-alone bungalow is situated in a quiet park with 30 other bungalows and has a small swimming pool for collective use. On walking distance there are the boulevard, restaurants and shops of Kralendijk.

Windsock Apartments & Beach

Windsock Apartments & Beach Spacious 2-bedroom apartments completed with a private oceanfronted beach for relaxing, snorkling and (night) diving. Together with a swimming pool on the property these are the ingredients for a great holiday on tropical Bonaire.

Casa Bougainvillea This apartment offers a lot of privacy. It is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden with palm trees and Surinam bougainvilleas and you'll see many tropical animals.

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Chibi-Chibi Cottage Escape to this tropical paradise and make the pressures of the world disappear.

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Finca Subi Blancu ECO STAY: Located in the centre of Bonaire on a high point of the hills, is our "Finca Subi Blancu"

Go to  BonRentAire    BonRentAire; Can make renting a property easy, whatever type of property you are searching for; luxe, vacation villa or apartment, cottage etc. It will be our pleasure to arrange for you a vacation villa/apartment, rental car.

"Epitembo" and "Go Ahead" Your Home On Bonaire

Sanders Bonaire Apartments surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden you .....

John's Coast-Light Apartment offering first class accomodations to scuba divers, sunseekers, snorkellers, birdwatchers, nature lovers, and especially the "get away from it all" vacationer

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